EnterprisePlus® Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

Line interactive sine wave rack/wall/tower UPSs for sensitive electronic equipment and critical servers, network devices, and phone systems

EnterprisePlus is now a legacy product - limited quantities are still available, contact your distributor for details.
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The Minuteman EnterprisePlus Series UPS offers true sine wave output and versatile configuration options for a full range of applications.

Telephone Systems
Security Systems

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EnterprisePlus Overview

Critical Protection - Incredible Value

The Minuteman® EnterprisePlus™ line interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) combines line interactive technology with industry-leading features in a versatile case design that allows the units to be installed in many different formats and environments.

The EnterprisePlus UPS is rich in standard features and optional accessories allowing users to order “off the shelf” products and yet retain the flexibility and robust features, which was previously only available as a special order product.

Standard features offered on the EnterprisePlus Series:

  • 3-year non-prorated warranty (including batteries)
  • True sine wave output for sensitivie applications
  • RoHS compliancy for all models
  • Rack/Tower/Wallmount installation formats
  • Free SentryPlus software included
  • Independent battery pack chargers
  • Concurrent communications via RS-232, USB and optional SNMP card

Key features include:

  • 0.8 power factor - increases the capacity of the unit without migrating to larger models (0.88 power factor for 2000VA and 0.853 power factor for 3000VA).
  • Load shedding - extends the time of critical applications without adding external battery packs by removing power to non-essential devices connected to the same UPS
  • Independent Battery Bypass™ - allows the UPS to provide voltage regulation with surge and spike protection on the utility AC power even when batteries are weak or dead.
  • Virtually unlimited extended runtime for critical applications - virtually an unlimited number of battery packs can be connected to the EnterprisePlus UPS for extending run times
  • Flexibility in installation - floor-standing tower and 19-inch rackmount hardware is included. Optional installation kits are available for 23-inch racks/cabinet and wallmount installation.
  • Small form factor - 3.5-inch (2U) rack/tower case style
  • Independent battery pack chargers - reduces battery recharge times
  • Simultaneous DB-9, USB and SNMP communications
  • Minuteman® SentryPlus™ UPS monitoring and control software included
  • Easy to read front panel display - with load/battery meter
  • Industry high product protection - with 3-year non-prorated warranty (including batteries)
  • Dedicated remote Emergency Power Off (EPO) port
  • 120V and 208V models available
  • RoHS compliant
  • Protects your your investment - connected equipment is covered with $100,000 Minuteman Platinum Protection Plan® (U.S. and Canada only)

LED Status Panel

LED Front Panel Display:

The LED indicators on the EnterprisePlus UPS provide many details about the status of the EnterprisePlus UPS. The status lights provide data on the utility input to the UPS. Additionally, there are indicator lights to display the current status of the batteries of the UPS. These indicators can provide visual confirmation of anticipated battery failures or UPS faults so that preventative maintenance can be performed on the UPS. The EnterprisePlus UPS also has a LED meter that measures both connected load capacity and battery capacity. The LED panel is designed so that it can be oriented vertically or horizontally depending on the installation orientation of the UPS.

EnterprisePlus back view of model

Electrical Characteristics

Output Power Factor All EnterprisePlus models up to 1500VA come with a 0.8 power factor of which increases the watt capacity of the units. The 2000VA model has a 0.88 power factor and the 3000VA has a 0.853 power factor. Offering larger capacities in smaller UPS VA sizes reduces the overall cost of the UPS solution for a specific load requirement.

Output Voltage

All units in the EnterprisePlus Series produce an electrical signal that does not vary from nominal voltage by more than 5%. Tightly regulating the output voltage increases the quality of power to connected equipment adding to its life expectancy, which lowers the total cost of ownership to users.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

THD is the distortion of a normal AC electrical signal commonly causes UPS when connected loads near the capacity of the units. This distortion can cause internal heat to build up on sensitive equipment not designed to allow for these altered AC signals. The EnterprisePlus UPS maintains an output AC signal, at all times and with linear loads, within 2% of a true sine wave.

Output Receptacle Control: The ability to extend the runtime of critical devices during an extended blackout is handled through the EnterprisePlus’s load shedding function. Each model in the EnterprisePlus UPS comes with two independently-circuited receptacle segments. Through the use of Minuteman’s SentryPlus software or communication with the UPS through an Ethernet connection, users can either turn on, off, or reset each segment independently of the other. By reducing the load amount on the UPS, the runtime of critical devices on the UPS battery can be extended.

Communication Features

Simultaneous RS-232, USB and Ethernet communications: The EnterprisePlus UPS provides users with the ability to communicate with the UPS simultaneously through three separate protocols: RS-232, USB and Ethernet. Users can now directly connect and manage the UPS from multiple stand-alone, or networked computers. By including concurrent Ethernet communications (SNMP or direct IP address), the EnterprisePlus UPS can provide detailed monitoring and management to many various environments.

Other Features

RoHS Compliance

Recognizing the benefit of being environmentally conscious, Para Systems developed the EnterprisePlus UPS Series to be compliant with the European Economic Unions directive on the reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS), in electronic equipment.

Manual and Automatic Self-Testing

The EnterprisePlus UPS is designed to proactively notify users of any impending faults or failures with the UPS. This allows for preemptive repair or replacement of components or batteries preventing unexpected downtime caused by the UPS.

Dedicated EPO Port

This direct access port allows users to perform an immediate remote shutdown of the UPS in cases of emergency or when access to the UPS is restricted or inconvenient.

Battery Characteristics

Extended Runtime Capability

All models in the EnterprisePlus Series come standard with internal batteries. To protect critical devices through extended blackouts, the EnterprisePlus Series utilizes external battery packs that can be daisy-chained in unlimited quantities to provide a virtual unlimited amount of runtime.

Fast Battery Recharge

With independent chargers in each battery pack offered for the EnterprisePlus Series, the maximum recharge time for depleted batteries is 4-8 hours, no matter how many battery packs are installed on a UPS. Without these chargers, if more than one battery pack is used battery charging could take more than an entire day.

Battery Technology

All EnterprisePlus units and battery packs use valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA). All are safe for any type of freight transport: air, sea or ground. For added protection, all EnterprisePlus UPS models ship with these batteries disconnected. A “Quick Installation Guide” is included in each EnterprisePlus box to detail how to connect the batteries before turning the units on.

Hot-Swappable Batteries

All models in the EnterprisePlus line offer battery replacement, through the front panel of the UPS, without having to remove the UPS from service. Connected loads are protected from voltage anomalies and spikes and surges while the batteries are being replaced.


Spec Sheets for 120V - (208V) models

Additional resources

Extended Runtime Capability

All models in the EnterprisePlus Series come standard with internal batteries. To protect critical devices through extended blackouts, the EnterprisePlus Series utilizes external battery packs that can be daisy-chained in unlimited quantities to provide a virtual unlimited amount of runtime.

Fast Battery Recharge

With independent chargers in each battery pack offered for the EnterprisePlus Series, the maximum recharge time for depleted batteries is 4-8 hours, no matter how many battery packs are installed on a UPS. Without these chargers, if more than one battery pack is used battery charging could take more than an entire day.

Battery Pack Models

Because each UPS has different battery requirements to support its maximum load capacity, the EnterprisePlus Series uses battery packs sized to match each UPS model:

External battery packs
  • BP36RTXL external battery pack for E750RM2U, E1000RM2U, E1500RM2U and E1500RMT2U
  • BP72RTXL external battery pack for E2000RM2U, E3000RM2U and E3000RMT2U
  • BP36RTEXL high-capacity external battery pack for E750RM2U, E1000RM2U, E1500RM2U and E1500RMT2U
  • BP72RTEXL high-capacity external battery pack for E2000RM2U, E3000RM2U and E3000RMT2U

Optional mounting brackets

Power management via SNMP Communications

Optional SNMP-NV6 and SNMP-NET cards allow easy management of UPS without the need of a connected PC or server

Extended Warranty Plans

5 Full Years of Trouble-free Service - Guaranteed

Minuteman UPSs already ship with the best warranty in the business at 3 years, including non-prorated battery coverage on most products.

Two levels of Extended Warranty Plans are also available on most UPS product lines to provide an additional 2 years of coverage. These plans ensure a full 5 years of trouble-free ownership.

SentryPlus Power Manager

Get ultimate control over your power with SentryPlus

In today’s complex world of data, networks, and software, control and management of applications is vital, especially when it comes to the power that is supplied to these devices.

SentryPlus, included free with all current Minuteman UPS systems, provides users and network managers a range of monitoring & managment tools for their power, allowing total control before, during, and after power problems.

With a simple connection to the UPS via USB or RS-232, SentryPlus provides the capability to configure UPSs, monitor power, and diagnose issues, all from secure connections on the network. This eliminates wasteful runs around the facility, saving time and money.

SentryPlus Benefits

  • Windows wizard guided, easy to operate
  • Supports the Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP hibernation feature (Windows version only)
  • Auto-Save files and graceful operating system shutdown
  • Plan a schedule to shutdown, restart, test UPS and control receptacles
  • Programmable actions(FlexAction)
  • Notification via pager, e-mail, audible alarm, network broadcast and SNMP trap
  • Real-time meters display of UPS data(voltage, frequency, loading percentage,…)
  • History data/graph and power event record for your analysis
  • Multi-computer shutdown/wakeup through TCP/IP network
  • Remote monitoring, control and configuration through TCP/IP network
  • Monitor all UPSs at a glance in a LAN
  • Supports SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) get, set and trap commands
  • Supports DMI(Desktop Management Interface) (Windows version only)
  • Supports HTTP, monitor by Microsoft IE or Netscape Communicator
  • Communicate to a UPS using RS-232 or Universal Serial Bus(USB)
  • Multi-lingual design(Windows version only)


View complete specifications table in the EnterprisePlus brochure (PDF)

MODEL E750RM2U E1000RM2U E1500RM2U (E1500RMT2U) E2000RM2U E3000RM2U (E3000RMT2U)
Maximum Power Capacity (VA/Watts) 750/600 1000/800 1500/1200 2000/1760 3000/2560
Topology Line Interactive, True Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supply
Power Factor 0.8 0.88 0.853
Battery and Surge Protected Receptacles (6) 5-15R (6) 5-15R
((6) 6-15R)
(6) 5-15/20R
(1) L5-20R
(6) 5-15/20R &
(1) L5-30R
((1) L6-30R) &
(6) -15/20R))
Input Connection (with 10 ft power cord) 5-15P 5-15P / (6-15P) 5-20P L5-30P / (L6-30P)
Mounting/Installation Rackmount/Tower and Wallmount
Number of Phases Single (1Ø 2W +G)
Nominal Voltage - Voltage Range 120VAC (208VAC) - 80-164VAC (150-271VAC)
Frequency Range - Acceptable Input Voltage 50/60Hz +/-6Hz Autosensing - 0-165VAC (0-300VAC)
Low Voltage Transfer Point 80V (150V) resets to utility power at 85V (157V) or higher
High Voltage Transfer Point 164V (271V) resets to utility power at 159V (264V) or lower
Input Protection Resettable circuit breaker
Output Non-battery Operation
Voltage Range - Voltage Regulation 120VAC: 105-134VAC - -12.5% to 11.7% (208VAC: 189-236VAC) / -9.1% to +13.5%
Frequency Range - Efficiency (Line Mode) 60Hz/50Hz ±6Hz - >93% at full load
Output Battery Operation
Nominal Voltage Default 120VAC(208VAC), user selectable 127VAC(240VAC)
Voltage Regulation Nominal ±5% until low battery warning
Frequency 50/60Hz ±0.1Hz unless synchronized to line
Voltage THD <5% at full linear load
Dynamic Response - Transfer Time ±10% @ 100% Load change in 30 ms - 2-6 ms typical
Waveform - Slew Rate Sine wave  -   ≤1 Hz/second
Overload capacity 110% for 20 seconds, 125% for 10 seconds, 150% shutdown immediately
Protection Over current, Short circuit protection and Latching shutdown
Battery System
Battery Type Sealed, non-spillable, maintenance free, value regulated lead acid
Typical Recharge Time 8 hours from total discharge
Typical Battery Life 3-5 years, depending on discharge cycles and ambient temperature
System Voltage 36VDC 72VDC
Battery Module BM0029 BM0029 BM0030 BM0031 BM0032
Runtime: Half -Full Load (minutes) 17 - 8 15 - 5 11 - 4 13 - 5  8 - 3
Surge Protection and Filtering
Surge Energy Rating (Joules) 800J (600J)
Surge Current Capability 6500Amps total
Surge Response time 0ns(instananeous) normal mode: <5 ns common mode
Noise Filter normal and common mode EMI/RFI suppression
Audible Noise at 1 m (3 ft.) <45dBA <60dBA
Operating Temperature - Storage Temperature +32° to +104°F (0° to 40°C) - +5° to +113°F (-15° to +45°C)
Operating/Storage Humidity 95% non-condensing
Operating Elevation-Storage Elevation 0 to 10,000ft. (0 to 3,000m) -  0 to 50,000ft. (0 to 15,000 m)
Size - Net (H x W x D) 3.5 x 17.3 x 17 in (89 x 440 x 432 mm) 3.5 x 17.3 x 24 in (89 x 440 x 610 mm)
Size - Ship (H x W x D) 9 x 20 x 23.6 in (230 x 508 x 600 mm) 9 x 23.6 x 39.4 in (230 x 600 x 1000 mm)
Weight - Net - Ship 46.2 lb (21 kg) - 55 lb (25 kg)  110.9 lb (50.4 kg) - 127.0 lb (57.3 kg)
Battery Packs
Battery Pack EBP36XL EBP72XL
Typical Recharge Time 8 hours max
Size - Net - Ship (H x W x D) 3.5 x 17.3 x 17 in (89 x 440 x 432 mm) -
9 x 20 x 23.6 in (230 x 508 x 600 mm)
Weight - Net - Ship 55 lb (25 kg) - 64 lb (29 kg)
Regulatory Compliance (UPS and Battery Packs)
Safety and Approvals RoHS Compliant, cUL (UL1778), CE, FCC UPS Class B BP-Class A
Warranty - Platinum Protection Three-years non-prorated - $100,000

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