Power Protection for Large Businesses

Minuteman’s high-end large corporation customer can rely on unparalleled power protection to mission critical applications. Protected equipment is constantly supplied with the cleanest power available from all commercial power problems that can cause costly equipment damage and loss of valuable data.

Our power solutions protect a wide range of high capacity equipment like network servers, computer work groups, PBX systems, and other critical devices. Minuteman UPS products combine the high reliability, low operating costs, and manageability with an excellent set of features. A built-in microprocessor provides a higher level of sophistication to manage a variety of functions such as automatic diagnostic testing and Advanced Battery Management technology that prevents overcharging and thus ensures battery reliability and longevity.

When combined with Minuteman SentryHD power management software, our UPSs becomes a fully manageable component of a network system. This software is a comprehensive, feature-rich product that extends the range of power management capabilities within a network environment by allowing unattended shutdown, flexible event management, warning message broadcast, and multiple diagnostic and graphing tools.

We guarantee reliability with the best protection warranties available in the industry. However, since Minuteman UPS products have some of the lowest field failure rates in the industry, chances are you will never need to use it.

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