Minuteman® MM-AVR™ Line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

Value-priced tower UPSs featuring Automatic Voltage Regulation (Latin America Only)

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The Minuteman® MM-AVR™ Series UPS offers automatic voltage regulation for areas with poor utility power quality. This versatile, low-cost solution is ideal for a range of applications. Not available in North America

Phone/Security Systems

Ideal for small to medium phone, security, server, and network devices.

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Complete Protection - Incredible Price

Minuteman Power Technologies' MM-AVR Series of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems provide the perfect mix of performance and value. The MM-AVR features Automatic Voltage Regulation, which provides protection from all power problems, including spikes, sags/brownouts, and blackouts. Its compact size and quiet operation allow for convenient installation in public areas and offices. All MM-AVR models are also covered by a 1-year parts, labor, and battery warranty.

The Low-cost UPS You've Been Waiting For

The MM-AVR Series of UPSs offers exceptional protection from power problems, as well as features normally found on more expensive units.

Compact Form

The MM-AVR is available in 5 VA ratings, in three different physical sizes. Each compact tower unit is small enough for installation in even the tightest locations (see PDF brochure for complete specifications).

Designed for:
  • PCs
  • Telephone Systems
  • Data Communications

Key features include:
  • Designed exclusively for Latin American markets - not available for sale in North America
  • Units in multiple sizes - MM500AVR (500VA), MM700AVR (700VA), MM1000AVR (1000VA), MM1500AVR (1500VA), and MM2000AVR (2000VA)
  • Excellent return on investment - the Minuteman MM-AVR UPS units provide improved performance over similiarly priced UPS units
  • Quiet operation - units can be placed in office and other public environments because of its low noise factor
  • Peace of Mind - all models are covered by a one-year parts, labor, and battery warranty
  • Excellent customer suport and service from our headquarters
  • Provides surge protection for your telephone, fax and modem (1000VA & up)
  • Ability to cold start UPS MM-AVR may be used even when no AC power is available
  • Prolonged battery life AVR architecture and intelligent battery management mean longer battery life
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) - assures voltage compatibilty with 120 volt equipment

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