PRO-LCD® Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

Line interactive simulated sine wave UPSs designed to support workstations, small phone systems, and network/server devices.

PRO-LCD is now a legacy product - limited quantities are still available, contact your distributor for details.
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The Minuteman PRO-LCD Series UPS, offers automatic voltage regulation and a small footprint, providing excellent protection in a range of environments.

Telephone Systems

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PRO-LCD Overview

The Newest Addition to Our Best-Selling PRO Series UPSs

The MINUTEMAN PRO-LCD Series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) delivers complete protection from electrical problems — spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, and blackouts.

Much like the PRO, and PRO-E Series that came before, all PRO-LCD models are amazingly compact and take up little space on the desktop or under a console.

Extreme Power and Features

The PRO500LCD and PRO700LCD units provide an ample power source for a computer, monitor, and other attached devices with four (6) battery backup outlets with surge protection and two (2) surge-only outlets.

Enhanced features of the PRO-LCD
Each PRO-LCD model has enhanced features from its predecessors, including built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology to provide a boost to incoming AC during low voltage situations in addition to “bucking” or trimming the AC during a high voltage situation, preserving vital battery backup power for blackouts, and extending the life of the batteries.

Unlike some competitive models, the PRO-LCD model includes Independent Battery Bypass™ which allows it to provide AVR and surge and spike protection with weak or even dead batteries without dropping the load from utility AC power.

Other features include a large LCD display which shows users input and output voltage and frequency, UPS and battery status, and estimated runtime remaining based on the attached load. Each unit also includes protection for either a network or a phone line to keep damaging AC surges and spikes from entering through those pathways.

Reliability — Guaranteed

MINUTEMAN PRO-LCD™ units are backed by an unprecedented 3-year warranty that covers all parts and labor, including batteries. The MINUTEMAN Platinum Protection Plan® insures properly connected equipment for up to $100,000.


Designed for:

  • PCs
  • Telephone Systems
  • Data Communications

PRO-LCD Features

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation - The built-in boost and buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) function compensates for broader range of low AC voltage situations like brownouts and sags as well as high AC voltage situations like surges and spikes saving internal battery power for blackouts and extending the life of the batteries
  • Independent Battery Bypass - allows the UPS to provide voltage regulation with surge and spike protection on utility AC power even when batteries are weak or dead
  • MINUTEMAN SentryPlus™ Software - power management and diagnostic software to provide added control and allow unattended PC shutdown (for use on individual PCs or multiple workstations on networks)
  • USB Communications - Integrated USB port for software communications (USB cable included)
  • Warranty - 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty and $100,000 MINUTEMAN Platinum Protection Plan® (U.S. and Canada)

PRO-LCD Back View

Extended Warranty Plans

5 Full Years of Trouble-free Service - Guaranteed

Minuteman UPSs already ship with the best warranty in the business at 3 years, including non-prorated battery coverage on most products.

Two levels of Extended Warranty Plans are also available on most UPS product lines to provide an additional 2 years of coverage. These plans ensure a full 5 years of trouble-free ownership.

SentryPlus Power Manager

Get ultimate control over your power with SentryPlus

In today’s complex world of data, networks, and software, control and management of applications is vital, especially when it comes to the power that is supplied to these devices.

SentryPlus, included free with all current Minuteman UPS systems, provides users and network managers a range of monitoring & managment tools for their power, allowing total control before, during, and after power problems.

With a simple connection to the UPS via USB or RS-232, SentryPlus provides the capability to configure UPSs, monitor power, and diagnose issues, all from secure connections on the network. This eliminates wasteful runs around the facility, saving time and money.

SentryPlus Benefits

  • Windows wizard guided, easy to operate
  • Supports the Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP hibernation feature (Windows version only)
  • Auto-Save files and graceful operating system shutdown
  • Plan a schedule to shutdown, restart, test UPS and control receptacles
  • Programmable actions(FlexAction)
  • Notification via pager, e-mail, audible alarm, network broadcast and SNMP trap
  • Real-time meters display of UPS data(voltage, frequency, loading percentage,…)
  • History data/graph and power event record for your analysis
  • Multi-computer shutdown/wakeup through TCP/IP network
  • Remote monitoring, control and configuration through TCP/IP network
  • Monitor all UPSs at a glance in a LAN
  • Supports SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) get, set and trap commands
  • Supports DMI(Desktop Management Interface) (Windows version only)
  • Supports HTTP, monitor by Microsoft IE or Netscape Communicator
  • Communicate to a UPS using RS-232 or Universal Serial Bus(USB)
  • Multi-lingual design(Windows version only)


View complete specifications table in the PRO-LCD brochure (PDF)

VA•Watts 500 • 350 700 • 490
Topology Line-Interactive
Agency approvals cTUVus (conforms to UL1778, CSA 22.2 Standards), CE, FCC Class B
Warranty 3-years parts and labor including batteries
Equipment protection policy Up to $100,000 (U.S. 48 and Canada only)
Battery-backup / Surge-protected outlets 6 NEMA 5-15R
Surge-only outlets 2 NEMA 5-15R
Input (non-battery operation)
Voltage range• Frequency range Default settings: 90V to 150V • 50/60Hz auto-sensing ± 5Hz
Output (non-battery operation)
Voltage range Default Setting: 104VAC to 132VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz ± 5Hz
Surge protection  760 Joules
Output (battery operation)
Voltage 120VAC
Voltage regulation ±5% until low battery warning
Frequency ±0.5Hz unless synchronized to AC line
Wave form Simulated Sine Wave (Step Wave)
Typical transfer time 6 ms typical, 10 ms max.
Interface and Indicators
Communications port Universal Serial Bus (USB) communications cable and Minuteman SentryPlus™ power management and diagnostic software included
LCD status indicators AC Normal, On Battery, AVR Mode (Boost & Buck; AC Normal will flash), Overload Icon, Site Wiring Fault (S.L.F.), Internal Fault (F.A.L),
LCD meter display Input & Output Voltage, Input & Output Frequency, Connected Load Capacity, Battery Capacity, Estimated Runtime
Audible alarms On Battery, Low Battery, Internal Fault, Overload, Weak/Bad/Disconnected Battery
Battery System
Hot-swappable battery • Internal battery Yes • Yes
Battery module type BM0048 BM0049
Battery system 12VDC 24VDC
Typical recharge 8 hours to 90% from total discharge
Net dimensions (D x W x H) 11.81 x 6.69 x 7.87 in
(300 x 170 x 200 mm)
Net weight 17.6 lbs. (8.0 kg) 23.8 lbs. (10.8 kg)
Shipping dimensions (H x W x D) 15.16 x 9.84 x 11.22 in
(385 x 250 x 285 mm)
Shipping weight 19.8 lbs. (9.0 kg) 26.0 lbs. (11.8 kg)

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