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Encompass® On-line Uninterruptible Power Supply

Minuteman’s Encompass series of on-line UPS’s represent the most affordable true double-conversion UPS, incorporating the highest level of power protection technology available. The Encompass models deliver comprehensive power protection, an outstanding feature-set, and a 3-year warranty (including batteries), making it the best value in the on-line UPS product category. The “NC” models include a pre-installed SNMP-NV6 network card.

Model No. Rebate
EC1000RT2U $40.00
EC1500RT2U $50.00
EC2000RT2U $70.00
EC3000RT2U $80.00
EC1000RT2UNC $50.00
EC1500RT2UNC $60.00
EC2000RT2UNC $80.00
EC3000RT2UNC $90.00

OEPD Series Surge-protection Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Complete your power system installation with high quality PDU solutions from Minuteman. The featured PDU’s include 10, 14 and 24 receptacles, 20-Amp capacity, a 10 foot power cord, plus a limited lifetime warranty.

Model No. Rebate
OEPD1420HV $15.00
OEPD1020HVL $15.00
OEPD2420V62L $20.00

Surge Protectors

For non-critical equipment, i.e. devices that will not be required during a power outage, low-cost protection from power surges and spikes should always be included. Minuteman's diverse MMS series of surge protectors offer a range of forms and features that includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Model No. Rebate
MMS370T $3.00
MMS780R $6.00
MMS760RCT $7.00
MMS7120RCT $6.00

Protect and save with Minuteman - Rebates effective
August 1st - September 30th, 2018
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