About Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

What is a Line-interactive UPS?

Line-interactive UPSs provide automatic voltage regulation when low voltage or high voltage conditions occur. Line-interactive UPSs fall between an on-line and stand-by in terms of cost and performance. This type of UPS tends to preserve battery life because it is not constantly switching to battery mode in areas plagued with brownouts. In a blackout situation, all Minuteman line-interactive UPSs switch to battery mode in less than 4 milliseconds. Additionally, line-interactive units provide protection from spikes and surges, plus RFI and EMI filtering.

Minuteman offers several series of affordably priced line-interactive UPSs and include models with the following VA ratings:

Entrust Series
500VA - 700VA - 1000VA - 1500VA

PRO-RT Series
1000VA - 1500VA

PRO-E Series
500VA - 700VA - 1100VA - 1500VA

EnterprisePlus Series
750VA - 1000VA - 1500VA - 2000VA - 3000VA

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