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Without a complete power protection plan, an outage can mean financial disaster for a casino. Slot machines, ticket printers, security systems, and information systems all require backup power and surge protection to prevent substantial losses when an outage occurs.

Minuteman's extensive experience in the gaming industry provides you with the expertise you need to keep your operation running when power fails. See for yourself why Minuteman is the Leader in Casino Power Protection in the resources below.

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The Threats Facing Casino Gaming, Security, and IT Systems

A casino floor is a living, breathing thing, and utility power provides the fuel for each piece of equipment that keeps it operating smoothly.

Whether it's gaming machines, security equipment, information systems, or hospitality POS devices, electrical power is the starting point for success. Reliable power is critical to casino business, and protection system is a must for all organizations.

What makes continuous operation a challenge is the fact that the vital systems keeping a casino running, from an electrical point-of-view, are sitting ducks for a number of reasons:

  • Excess current can enter through almost all items in the subsystem (such as power sources, cameras, peripherals, and communications cables).
  • Excess current can destroy vital items in a subsystem (such as silicon items, circuit board traces, and magnetic media).
  • Subsystems are usually assembled out of components from different manufacturers. As a result, many systems have equipment that handle power and signal grounding in the different ways.
  • Communications cables are vulnerable from outside the building to breakage, crosses, lightning, etc., and those cables lead directly to your vital equipment.
Case Study
Bingo in the DARK?

See how a blackout left a California casino reeling.
Get the full story >

Types of Power Problems

If left unprotected, even the slightest power problem can bring a gaming floor to a grinding halt. It doesn't take a lot of calculation to determine that any downtime on the floor is an extremely costly event at even the smallest casino.

A variety of different power problems can lead to issues, including:

  • Blackouts - a total loss of power; equipment shuts down
  • Brownouts - a temporary drop in input voltage; can cause data corruption, machine malfunctions
  • Surges - a temporary overvoltage; can damage electrical components, lead to data corruption
  • Spikes - short-term severe overvoltage; can cause catastrophic damage to electrical components

Power Solutions for the Casino & Gaming Industry

Minuteman offers battery backup and other power protection solutions for all vital systems within the casino, including slot machines, video gaming, printers, security systems, DVRs, NVRs, servers, networks, and telephone systems. Refer to the guide below to get started building your complete casino power protection system.

Power Management from
Anywhere via Mobile

- Eliminate service calls for locked remote devices
- Control power to up to 16 devices via PC, laptop, tablet, or phone
- Auto-ping function alerts of lockups the moment they happen
- Eliminate downtime, increase productivity
View All Models & Full Specs
Slot Machine
Battery Backup

- Prevent lockups caused by power anomalies
- Stop damage to expensive hardware caused by power spikes and brownouts
- Save time by eliminating resets after power problems
- Keep equipment on & functioning no matter the power status
View All Models & Full Specs
IT & Telephone Service
Battery Backup

- Protect servers, switches, routers, access points
- Protect vital information systems from potentially damaging power anomalies
- Eliminate downtime after an outage; return to normal business operations faster
View All Models & Full Specs
Enterprise-wide Security
& Communications Systems

- Ultimate protection with zero transfer time
- Flawless power suitable for sensitive equipment
- Unlimited runtime capability with XL and EXL battery packs
- Complete control via RS232, USB, SNMP connections
- 120V models available
View All Models & Full Specs
Latest Gaming Industry Power News

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The latest headlines from's Power Protection Channel

Casino & Gaming Power Videos

Learn how to protect your organization in this collection of videos from Minuteman's Power Learning Video Series. Topics include Power Protection Basics, Frequently asked questions, Remote Management, How to Protect Security Systems, and How to know when to Replace UPS Batteries.

Power Protection Basics

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This edition of the Power Learning Series explains how to protect your equipment from power problems. Topics covered include the problems that can occur with utility power, which types of protection (surge protection and Uninterrutible Power Supplies or battery backup system) are needed for various applications, and the differences between each type of device.

Topics: Power Protection, Battery Backup, Surge Protection, UPS Types, Applications

3 Common Questions about Power Protection

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In this, Bill Allen discusses three common questions we receive regarding power protection: "Do I need a UPS for my equipment?", "How can I be sure I'm selecting the right UPS for my application?", and "How can I be sure my UPS will be there when the power fails?"

Topics: UPS Selection, UPS Maintenance

Saving Time & Expense with Remote Power Management

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This video looks at the benefits of remote power management products, including the RPM Series from Minuteman. By utilizing an RPM, system administrators can save time and expense while eliminating downtime by using an economical power management module to control from any internet-enabled device.

Topics: Power Management, Remote Equipment, Smartphone Interface

How to Protect Your Security System

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Power is critical to security. In this video, we look at the potential consequences of security system failure, and power protection solutions for protecting critical equipment including cameras, DVRs, access controls, fire alarms, and more.

Topics: Security Systems, Surge Protection, Battery Backup for Security

UPS Battery Replacement: How-to & When to do it

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Battery health is critical to UPS function. This video outlines when batteries should be replaced, and how to replace the batteries in the Minuteman EnSpire, Entrust, and PRO-LCD Series UPSs. Where to buy replacement UPS batteries is also covered.

Topics: Replacing UPS Batteries, UPS Battery Life, Where to buy replacement UPS batteries, Battery Replacement How-to
Build Your Power Protection System

Minuteman UPS takes the guesswork out of UPS sizing with a straightforward selection tool, making use of a vast database of commonly used equipment along with a simple to use interface to provide you with the proper uninterruptible power supply solution for your needs.

Build your system by first choosing your DVRs, cameras, access control systems, and more from a vast selection of manufacturers. Then simply select voltage, runtime, and growth to receive a list of tailored UPS solutions that will fit your needs.

Click here to get started!

1-on-1 Support from Minuteman

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