Like Being Everywhere, All the Time

The Minuteman RPM is the ideal solution for network administrators who manage one or more remote locations. Once connected to the network, you can easily control it from virtually anywhere using a standard web browser and your password.

With a simple click, power up, down, or reboot 8-16 devices connected to the RPM individually or as a group. Automatic reboots of locked devices are also possible

RPM connects to the network, and can then be monitored and managed through a web browser or SNMP Network Management System (NMS). Notifications via e-mail, SNMP trap or SMS text message broadcast

2, 8, 16 or 24-port models are available.

Control from Anywhere

Minuteman RPMs offer a secure connection which is accessible from any device with a standard internet browser, including desktop and laptop PCs, smartphones, and tablets. From these devices, users can control and configure all aspects of the device, including:

  • LAN Connection: The RPM is an IP-based PDU that connects to your network via CAT5 cable
  • Control Individual Outlets: Power on/off, reboot, and monitor up to 16 individual devices from a single IP address
  • Scheduled Management Actions: save power with automatic shutdown and startup of devices over weekends or holidays
  • Notifications via SNMP, SMS Text, or Email: To keep you informed of events such as a server shutdown, the RPM can submit its notifications via SMS text message, or email to up to three addresses

RPM Benefits

Utilizing Minuteman’s remote power manager products allows technicians and administrators to:

  • Save Time: Reboot remote devices in seconds, not minutes or hours
  • Increase Productivity: Eliminate help desk calls & lost time when a device locks up: RPM notifies & provides automatic reboot capabilities
  • Cut Costs: Eliminate service calls to remote locations by managing devices from your computer or smartphone

Minuteman RPM Series Standard Features

  • Allows rebooting from any internet-enabled device via a web connection
  • Allows scheduling of tasks
  • Offers password-protected security levels
  • Configure and control RPM units worldwide through most standard web browsers using a single network IP address
  • Accommodates RPM technology with most network protocols
  • Manage devices from anywhere in the world
  • 10 foot power cord for versatile installations
  • 15 & 20-amp capacities, 120 and 208VAC
  • True RMS (Root Mean Square) load meter and LCD display
  • 1U / 0U convertible, and 0U vertical-only models
  • SNMP & DNS Support

Tour The Product

RPM1581HVN & RPM20161VN (120V)

  1. Circuit Breaker
  2. NEMA 5-15/20R AC Outlets
  3. Outlet Power Status Indicators
  4. DHCP Status Indicators
  5. True RMS Load Status Meter
  6. Function Switch
  7. CAT5 Ethernet Connection
  8. IEC320 Input Power Receptacle


RPM2082HVI & RPM20162VI (208V) Features

  1. Circuit Breaker
  2. IEC320 AC Outlets
  3. Outlet Power Status Indicators
  4. DHCP Status Indicators
  5. True RMS Load Status Meter
  6. Function Switch
  7. CAT5 Ethernet Connection
  8. IEC320 Input Power Receptacle

Sample Installation

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to: www.P65warnings.ca.gov/product

Monitoring & Management Overview

Minuteman RPM products include an easy-to-use IP-based web interface for controlling and monitoring connected devices.

Administrators can access this utility via the LAN or from beyond via a connection to the native web server within the unit. Full monitoring, control, and configuration is possible from any device with an internet browser, enabling control from literally anywhere in the world. (click screenshots below to enlarge)


Monitor RPM Information in Real Time

The Information tabs provide real time status of the RPM, including real time combined current draw (fig. 1), user configurable warning and overload thresholds. Network information, including MAC address and RPM name settings, are also displayed on the System tab (fig. 2), allowing quick reference for identification when multiple RPMs are in use.



Control Connected Devices

Within the four control tabs, users can control individual outlets via On/Off/Reboot (OFF/ON) commands (fig. 4). Users can also group outlets to allow multiple devices which work together to be controlled simultaneously.


Event Scheduling & Ping Actions

The user can also schedule power on, off, or reboots at specific times/dates (one time or recurring) for indivduals or groups of receptacles (fig. 5). With this feature, administrators can save power by scheduling network downtime on weekends and holidays.

The Ping Action tab (fig. 6) enables the RPM to “ping” a device connected to a specific receptacle. If unanswered, the device can be rebooted to unlock it, preventing downtime.


Configuring the RPM

A wide array of settings are accessible in the configuration tabs, allowing users to adapt individual or groups of outlets to the needs of individual devices. These changes may be made on the fly, providing unparalleled versatility and adaptability.

Users can assign a descriptive name to each receptacle to prevent confusion, and set a startup and power-down delay sequencing when necessary (fig. 7). Users can also set up to three email addresses (fig. 8) to receive notification messages when any event takes place, including warning and overload thresholds, power events, and lockups.


Additional Configuration Parameters

    • Threshold Tab: Configure warning and overload levels for amperage load on the RPM unit; notifications sent via email or SNMP trap
    • Network Tab: Settings for IP-address selection; DHCP enabled by default, static IP can be defined if desired
    • SNMP Tab: Configure the RPM to send Simple Network Management Protocol traps to notify when an event occurs
    • Time Tab: Users can set RPM system time manually, or to update automatically via a defined network time server


Enterprise RPM Management Utility Included

Manage Multiple RPMs in one location

Minuteman RPMs include a free software utility that offers a consolidated location to monitor the status and review configuration information for all RPM devices across a network. Features include:

    • Function Menu: Provides device information as well as data/event logging results for individual RPM units
    • RPM List: Network tree showing all individual or group RPM on the LAN
    • RPM Information: An itemized list of status and device information for all RPM units on LAN
    • RPM Status Summary: Consolidated list of status information for all RPM units on LAN

For complete product information, brochures and manuals visit out Media Resources Center.

Model RPM1581HVN RPM20161VN RPM2082HVI RPM20162VI
Installation Format 1U / 0U 0U 1U / 0U 0U
Dimensions 1.73″ x 3.54″ x 17.01″ 2.2″ x 1.73″ x 49.02″ 1.73″ x 3.54″ x 17.01″ 2.2″ x 1.73″ x 49.02″
Operating Temperature Range 0° – 40°C
Operating Humidity Range 0 – 90%
Input Power Cord (Type) IEC320 C19 to 5-15P IEC320 C19 to 5-20P IEC320 C19 to 6-20P
Power Cord Length 10 feet
Receptacle Quantity 8 16 8 16
Receptacle Type 5-15/20R IEC320 C13 (14) IEC320 C13
(2) IEC320 C19
Input & Output Voltage 100 – 120VAC 200-240VAC
Input & Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Circuit Breaker 15A 20A 20A 20A
Maximum Capacity 12A 16A 16A 16A
True RMS Meter or Digital True RMS
LCD Display Yes
Individual Outlet Monitoring/Control Yes
Grouped Outlet Monitoring/Control Yes
Power On/Off Sequencing Yes
Scheduled On/Off/Cycling Yes
Remote Power/Status Monitoring Yes
Temp/Humidity Monitoring Option No
Ping Response Capability Yes
Event Alert Types Email / Trap / Audible
Environmental Monitoring Response No
Multiple Level Account Setup No
Configurable Alarm Thresholds 1 (Set for entire PDU)
RADIUS Login Support No
SYSLOG Support Yes (w/SW Utility)
Inactive User Logoff No
DNS Support Yes
Batch Firmware Upgrades (Over LAN) No
Safety Certfication UL60950-1
RoHS Compliant Yes

MINUTEMAN RPM 8 & 16-port Series (1U or 0U rack form factor. Available in 120V and 208V versions.)

120V Models

  • RPM1581HVN 1U horizontal or vertical mount with 8 outlets controllable via web browser
  • RPM20161VN 0U vertical mount with 16 outlets controllable via web browser

208V Models

  • RPM2082HVI 1U horizontal or vertical mount with 8 outlets controllable via web browser
  • RPM20162VI 0U vertical mount with 16 outlets controllable via web browser