Expand monitoring and control of power to your devices with optional accessories

Select Minuteman UPS products are capable of accepting Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) communications cards which can monitor and manage UPSs via the network.

Complete Control of your UPS from Anywhere on the Network

Minuteman SNMP cards are an interface between the UPS and the network. Cards can communicate the status of a UPS and issue commands to it. All Minuteman SNMP cards support SNMP and HTTP protocols for user access. Through the SNMP NMS and/or Web Browser, users can monitor the UPS status, issue commands, and set up the SNMP card through the network.

A full line of monitoring accessories is available. With these additional modules, admins can monitor temperature and humidity, detect smoke, fire, or water, sense vibration, and monitor the status of a server rack or cabinet doors. Each of these modules can send an alert via the SNMP trap or e-mail, ensuring problems can be rapidly resolved without the need for a 24-hour presence at a facility.

SNMP monitoring cards are available for a wide range of Minuteman UPSs. Endeavor Series battery backup systems up to 10kVA feature optional SNMP card slots, along with Encompass 1-3kVA/Encompass LCD, EnterprisePlus LCD 750VA-3kVA rack or tower, and PRO-RT 750-2kVA UPSs.

Each of these units is compatible with multiple cards, allowing admins to choose the card that best fits their needs. The SNMP Cards tab above offers full features and product information for each of the cards offered.

SNMP Card Features

  • Connect the UPS directly to a LAN – utilizing a standard RJ45 Ethernet connection; requires no special application software
  • Network UPS management – monitor and manage the UPS over any computer attached to the network
  • Integrate UPS into Network Management System (NMS) – using the inlcluded MIB (Management Information Base) agent or the included SNMP management software
  • Schedule events – shutdown or restart connected equipment daily, weekly, or monthly using the integrated scheduler
  • Track utility problems via Event Logs – to provide history of power events on the UPS including: power quality, equipment draw, and blackouts.
  • Multiple server shutdown – using the included SNMP management software allows the UPS to shutdown multiple devices sequentially when a power event occurs
  • Event Notification – notify multiple IT personnel via SNMP traps or e-mail when a power event occurs
  • Telnet Support – for flexible configuration of the SNMP card
  • 3-year Warranty – equivalent to most Minuteman UPS warranty policy lengths to ensure consistent protection

SNMP Card Installation

All compatible Minuteman UPSs feature an SNMP option slot at the rear of the unit.


Compatible UPSs:
Endeavor 6 & 10kVA
Endeavor 6kVA RM
Endeavor 1-3kVA
Encompass 1-3kVA
Encompass LCD

Minuteman SNMP Option Cards

Click a product link below for full details on features and functionality.

SNMP and Browser-based Management for PRORT, Enterprise Plus LCD, Endeavor and Encompass UPSs

  • SNMP-NV6
    IPv4/IPv6 compliant management of UPS via network management system or browser.

SNMP and Browser-based Management for CPE, Legacy MCP UPSs

  • NetAgent SNMP
    Allows management of UPS via network management system or browser for CPE Series UPS systems.

SNMP Option Card Images


NetAgent SNMP Card

Programmable & CPE Relay Cards

Control Computers & other devices from Endeavor, EnterprisePlus, PRO-RT, & CPE UPSs

Compatible UPSs:
Endeavor 6 & 10kVA
Endeavor 5/6/8/10kVA
Endeavor LCD 1-3kVA
EnterprisePlus LCD
Encompass LCD
Encompass RT

Programmable Relay Card

Optional Management Card for Minuteman EnterprisePlus and Endeavor UPSs

Key features of the Programmable Relay Card:

  • Monitors UPS events
  • 6 programmable relay output contacts
  • Configurable normal open or normal close for each relay contact
  • Configurable UPS shutdown delay time
  • Configurable input signal as shutdown UPS or battery test
  • Has the ability to protect up to 6 computers unattended shutdown gracefully

Programmable Relay Card Compatibility
NOTE: Relay cards feature application-specific part numbers



  • EnterprisePlus LCD
  • Endeavor LCD 1-3kVA
  • Endeavor 5/6/8/10kVA


Programmable Relay Card – Encompass compatible with:

  • Encompass LCD
  • Encompass RT


Programmable Relay Card – PRO-RT2U

  • PRO-RT2U

CPE Relay Card

Optional Management Card for Minuteman CPE Series UPSs

The CPE Relay Card is a UPS management product with 5 relay contacts for monitoring the status and 1 input contact to shutdown the UPS.

Environmental Monitoring for SNMP-NET & SNMP-NV6 Cards

ENV PROBE adds environmental monitoring capabilities to the SNMP-NET and SNMP-NV6 UPS management cards

Optional environmental monitoring module

The ENV Probe is an option for the SNMP-NET card and the SNMP-NV6 card that supports temperature and humidity and has 4 contact closure inputs for monitoring environmental status such as smoke, fire, water, and security alarms. Includes:

  • Environmental temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Attaches up to 4 contact closure inputs for monitoring other environmental devices.
  • Allows remote monitoring through network.
  • 3-year warranty for consistent coverage with compatible Minuteman UPS products

Monitor temperature and humidity, program alarms, & more, from a single screen.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to: