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At Minuteman Power Technologies, our goal is to provide our Channel Partners with a program that produces and offers incentives that are easy to use and will raise their bottom line. The Partner Deal Registration Program offers exclusive discounts through NEW Minuteman opportunities and can be leveraged to adjust the standard prices on select strategic projects.

Minuteman Deal Registration Program Summary
  • Minimum Deal Registration Requirement: $7,500
  • Automatic Deal Registration Discount: up to 10%
  • Free Freight: Provided to a single point location. Additional accessorial fees, such as limited access, liftgate, or inside delivery are not included.
Excluded Product Families from Deal Registration: MMS Surge Series (volume discounts may be available depending on opportunity size)
Special Pricing Hold Conditions:
      1. Single Purchase Deal Registration: Qualifies for up to 90 days of special pricing hold.
      2. Staged Rollout Deal Registration: Qualifies for up to 60 days of special pricing hold. Requires the distributor partner to order 25% of the valued opportunity and bring it to their warehouse.


Program Explanation:

  1. Deal Registration Minimum: To initiate deal registration and qualify for special pricing, the minimum opportunity size must be $7,500.
  2. Automatic Deal Registration Discount: Upon successful registration and approval, an automatic discount of up to 10% will be applied to eligible orders. Additional discounts may be available upon executive approval.
  3. Formal Quote Agreement: The Deal Registration form is not an approved formal quote. The sales quote document, sent from a Minuteman representative, will be the formal quote. The sales quote/deal registration number must be included on the purchase order in order to honor and process the purchase order.
  4. Free Freight: Orders will benefit from free freight to a single specified location, simplifying logistics and reducing costs. Please note that additional accessorial fees, such as limited access, liftgate, or inside delivery are not included.
  • Excluded Product Families: Certain product families (MMS Surge Series) are excluded from deal registration. However, volume discounts may still apply depending on the opportunity size.
  • Special Pricing Hold:
              –  Single Purchase Deals: Enjoy a special pricing hold for up to 90 days, facilitating longer-term planning and procurement.
              –  Staged Rollout Deals: Special pricing is held for up to 60 days. Distributors are required to initially order 25% of the valued opportunity and bring it to their warehouse to qualify.


Deal Registration Program Flyer

*Updates to Deal Registration Program effective July 1, 2024.


We welcome the opportunity to consider case-by-case situations to help our partners gain competitive edge by providing specialized discounts to help secure the next big project!




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