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Reliable power is an essential component for the proper functioning of various networks and systems, regardless of their specific purposes. From security systems to other critical infrastructure, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is indispensable.

Minuteman’s extensive experience in supporting diverse systems, we understand the crucial power demands of these networks. This insight enables us to offer the most reliable and valuable UPS solutions to safeguard the systems integral to your operations.

Complete the form to download our easy-to-read guide, which offers our recommended protection options for the most common analog CCTV, IP Video, and PoE applications in the market today.



Uninterruptible Power Supply

Minuteman’s battery backup (UPS) product line includes a complete range of systems to meet needs large and small, with single-phase solutions in capacities from 350VA – 20kVALEARN MORE »

Power Distribution & Management

Minuteman offers high quality PDU’s, Smart PDU’s (Remote Power Managers) and power monitoring accessories and software solutions to complete your power system installation.LEARN MORE »

Surge Protectors

Minuteman’s line of MMS Surge protectors provide unique features, reliable protection,and exceptional warranty protection.LEARN MORE »