There is Value in a Value-Added Reseller – make the most of it

As companies invest in technology solutions, they do so to increase efficiency, provide better customer service, and to increase sales. Businesses sometimes get caught up in the maze of identifying the right technology that will accomplish their goals while also keeping within their budgetary requirements.

For more than 30 years, value added resellers (VARs) have been helping businesses wind their way through the maze of information technology and helping businesses choose the right solution. What makes a good VAR? Read on to find out.

The VAR: Your Partner in Delivering a Successful, Cost-effective Solution

A good VAR will deliver the right solution at the right price, while facilitating system installation, custom programming, training, and on-going system maintenance. To many businesses that do not have the internal staff or technical expertise, a VAR can become as asset that returns considerable value. It is obviously critical that when a business invests in new or upgraded technology that the solution provide an appropriate return on that investment.

If a business encounters a problem with an already installed system, VARs can become a critical component, serving as a troubleshooter and problem solver.  More often than not, it is less time-consuming and less expensive to bring in a knowledgeable VAR that can quickly identify a system issue and provide a quick resolution.

Finding a VAR in your area

Aside from the usual methods of finding a business to partner with (online listings, word-of-mouth, etc.), contacting a Minuteman Authorized Distributor near you for a recommendation can be a great way to get in contact with a VAR. Your local distributor will know who’s who, and can give you a recommendation for which companies will get the job done for you most effectively.

Not Just a Vendor, An Asset

A good VAR also becomes a trusted advisor that can keep a business from going down the wrong path and prevent unwise expenditures.  Many good VARs will take time to fully understand their customer’s business and their related technology requirements.

When this trust is established, the relationship becomes synergistic and beneficial to both parties.  In this case, a VAR can indeed become a value-added asset to a business.

Contact a Minuteman Authorized Distributor near you to find a VAR in your area!